Who is point.dog Digital?

point.dog Digital is a team of highly experienced digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

Our website and our own marketing is a work in progress.  

Why? We are too busy working for our current client roster. Nonetheless, we do not want you guessing about who we are.

The Players

point.dog is owned by Mike & Karin Usry. The couple founded the agency in order to help small businesses in the Athens area promote themselves and thrive.

The couple originally co-founded another agency in 2010 with the ever-talented Matt Chastain. That business bloomed and was a tremendous blessing. The prior agency grew to heights unimaginable at its onset and quickly became a large agency. In 2016, Matt decided to leave the business to pursue his dream of making a full feature movie, Small Group.

Mike & the ever talented team continued for another two years and grew to great heights. Exhausted and wanting to focus on other interests, Mike & Karin sold the agency in 2018.

We are back. We are different. We are better.