Elevating Your Community with SPLOST

At the heart of every thriving community in Georgia, there is a well-executed SPLOST program. It's more than a funding mechanism; it's a promise of growth, development, and enhanced quality of life for every resident. Understanding and communicating the value of SPLOST is not just beneficial; it's essential. That's where Point Dog Marketing and Media steps in.

The Mission

We specialize in bringing SPLOST stories to life, showcasing the tangible benefits of these programs in a language everyone can understand. Our dedicated team, led by Matt Chastain, has a proven track record of working with small to mid-sized counties across Georgia, just like yours.

The Approach

Tell the Story

Every community has unique achievements through SPLOST. We craft compelling narratives that highlight these successes, making the abstract tangible and the complex simple.

Engage the Audience

Through dynamic short videos, we don't just tell; we engage. We bring the story of SPLOST to life, ensuring every resident feels a part of the community's success.

Maximize Reach

It's not just about creating; it's about sharing. We strategize to ensure these stories reach every corner of your community, increasing awareness and fostering support.

Why Choose point.dog?

Targeted Expertise

We're not generalists. Our focus is on SPLOST and the unique landscape of Georgia's counties, ensuring tailored, effective strategies.

Proven Impact

Our portfolio speaks for itself. Counties across Georgia have seen enhanced community engagement and support for SPLOST initiatives through our work.

Strategic Partnerships

We believe in collaboration. By working closely with you, we ensure that our content reflects the true spirit and needs of your community.

Sustainable Results

Our goal is longevity. We don't just aim for immediate impact; we strategize for lasting awareness and support.

Our Commitment

We take on a limited number of projects to ensure each county receives our full attention and customized service. For 2024, we're partnering with only one county per month. This exclusivity allows us to dedicate the necessary resources and time to make your SPLOST program a resounding success.

SPLOST Portfolio

Explore Our Work

Below are examples from Union County and others we've proudly partnered with. See for yourself the impact of well-crafted, targeted SPLOST communication.

Union County SPLOST - Community Center

‍point.dog digital presents an engaging video showcasing the Union County Community Center, which features a public golf course with an impressive clubhouse and breathtaking views. The video emphasizes the accessible membership options, affordable amenities, and the diverse offerings within the center, positioning it as a valuable asset to both residents and visitors. The focus is on the role of SPLOST funds in making such a community center possible without burdening homeowners with increased property taxes.

Union County SPLOST - Transfer Station

point.dog digital presents an insightful video showcasing the innovative glass recycling initiative at the Union County transfer station, located just a short drive from downtown Blairsville. The video explores how the implementation of state-of-the-art recycling technology has transformed glass waste into valuable products—sand and pea gravel—benefiting Union County both environmentally and economically. The focus is on the impact of using SPLOST funds to fund this project, reducing financial burdens on taxpayers and creating sustainable solutions for the community.

Union County SPLOST - Sorghum Festival/Meeks Park

point.dog digital presents a vibrant video capturing the essence of the Blairsville Sorghum Festival and the integral role of Meeks Park in Union County. The video unfolds as a journey through the festival, highlighting its evolution from its origins in Fort Sorghum to the grand celebration it is today. Viewers gain insight into the festival's diverse attractions, including a lively parade, arts and crafts booths, log-cutting demonstrations, and the star of the show – the world-famous Sorghum syrup. The narrative also underscores Meeks Park's significance in enhancing the quality of life in Union County and the pivotal role of SPLOST funds in making these community events possible.

Union County SPLOST - Senior Center

point.dog digital presents a heartwarming video capturing the vital role of the Union County Senior Center in supporting residents aged sixty and above. The video unfolds to showcase the diverse activities and services offered by the center, from wellness programs and socialization opportunities to the crucial Meals on Wheels initiative. Emphasizing the significance of SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Options Sales Tax) funds in supporting the center's expansion and alleviating the burden on property taxes, the video sheds light on how the Union County Senior Center contributes to enhancing the lives of the community's older generation.

Union County SPLOST - Road Dept.

point.dog digital presents an informative video shedding light on the critical role of lawn mower attachments in enhancing the safety and aesthetics of Union County's roadways. The video explores the challenges faced by the Union County Road Department in maintaining over eight hundred miles of roads, emphasizing the need for a diverse range of equipment. The narrative underscores the importance of SPLOST funds in acquiring necessary road maintenance equipment and the financial responsibility of ensuring safe roadways for the community.

Union County SPLOST - Rec. Center

point.dog digital presents an engaging video that explores how the seemingly whimsical sport of pickleball has become a catalyst for positive change in Union County. The video showcases the Union County Sports Center, where eight state-of-the-art pickleball courts have become a hub for enthusiasts. Beyond pickleball, the complex offers an array of amenities, including gyms, multipurpose spaces, and a new election facility. The narrative unfolds to highlight the impact of the sports center on the community, emphasizing its role in fostering recreation, supporting youth activities, and providing a space for civic engagement.

Union County SPLOST - Library

point.dog digital presents an insightful video showcasing the significance of the Union County Public Library in fostering community connectivity and providing essential services beyond traditional book lending. The video explores the library's role as a vital hub for fast internet access, offering a space for various activities, from online classes to family communication. The narrative unfolds to highlight the diverse and often underutilized services offered by the library, emphasizing its commitment to serving the community. The video also sheds light on the library's proper funding through SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Options Sales Tax), which enables continuous improvements and community-driven initiatives.

Union County SPLOST - Fire Station

point.dog digital shines a spotlight on the invaluable role of the Union County Fire Department in safeguarding the community. The narrative unfolds as we explore the diverse emergencies the department responds to, from car wrecks and fires to search and rescue operations on the Appalachian Trail. The video delves into the challenges faced by the fire department and the critical importance of SPLOST funds in providing the necessary equipment and resources.

Union County SPLOST - Farmer's Market

In this captivating video, point.dog digital documents the heartwarming story of Union County's commitment to preserving its heritage through the Union County Farmers Market. The video explores the integral role of this market in sustaining local farmers and artisans, preventing the transformation of pristine lands into housing developments. Viewers gain insights into the community's dedication to maintaining mountain traditions, emphasizing the significance of farming and canning.